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JaCa-Android by Examples

In the following we describe some main features of JaCa-Android making a sequence of simple tests, example and performance tests focussing on the different functionalities provided by the middleware.

This document is meant to be read by people already familiar with the JaCa programming model — the programming model upon which JaCa-Android is based. If you are an inexperienced reader please consider to acquire a good background knowledge on both CArtAgO and Jason and in the JaCa programming model (raw speaking the synergistic integration of these two agent-based technologies). The quickest way for getting started with the JaCa programming model is the CArtAgO by example tutorial that can be found on the CArtAgO website. For more exhaustive informations the following references can be considered:

  • The Jason book [1], the reference Jason paper [2] and the Jason website.
  • Some papers about CArtAgO [3,4,5] website.

All the examples that we describe in this document are packed together in a simple Android application (the JaCa-Android sample suite) that can be used for testing the examples in your device. The .apk containing the examples (named JaCa-Android-Samples.apk) can be found inside the Apk folder placed in the root of the standard JaCa-Android distribution. The folder JaCa-Android-Samples contains instead the test suite sources. This folder is also a JaCa-Android Eclipse project that can be directly imported into your workspace.

For running the samples in your device is required that you first install and configure the JaCa-Android middleware, instructions for doing this can be found in the getting started guide.

List of samples:




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