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Here we will provide you a step by step guide for realising your own JaCa-Android applications taking as reference a simple example. In this example an agent use the SMSManager artifact contained inside the MiddlewareServices shared workspace to notify to the user the reception of new SMS messages.

Starting from the version 2.0 JaCa-Android is realised exploiting the Android library projects (for details see here). Even if not mandatory, we suggest to create JaCa-Android applications exploiting this features.

What are Android library project?

An Android library project is not meant to be run like a standard Android application, it can be considered just like a source repository that others project can refer in order to use its sources. If you are developing an application and want to include shared code or resources from a library project, you can do so easily by adding a reference to the library project in the application project’s Properties (again see here for details). In this way it is simpler to keep application projects updated (i.e. is not needed to pack the library sources in jars and update such jars at each library update, it is all automatically handled by the library project dependencies).

Step by step guide

Part one: Prepare and configure your JaCa-Android application.
Part two: Implementaion of the simple SMS example.

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