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Running the Samples

For running the samples (tests, application samples and perfomance tests) available with the standard JaCa-Android distribution follow these steps.

Step1: Installing the samples

For installing the samples in your device it is sufficient to install the JaCa-Android-Samples.apk following the same procedure used for installing the JaCa-Android-Middleware.apk.

Step2: Check your middleware configuration

Many of the samples contained in the JaCa-Android-Samples.apk require the use of the artifacts contained in the MiddlewareServices shared workspace. Therefore, before running a sample, be sure to have the middleware configured accordingly (e.g. if you plan to run the GPSManager test than be sure to have included the GPSManager in the middleware configuration).

Run the Sample

Start the JaCa-Android-Samples application, then select one of the three available sample categories and finally select the sample you want to run.

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