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Installing the middleware

Installing the JaCa-Android middleware in your device is as simple as installing any other standard Android application. Unfortunatly JaCa-Android is not yet available in the Android market, so it must be installed manually. For manually installing JaCa-Android just follow this simple steps.

Step 1: Configure your device

You have to enable a non-Market application installation on your phone before you will be able to install third-party software. To do this, just go to your device settings menu, then select application and then check the box labeled “Unknown Sources” (see the picture). Now your Android device is ready to accept the installation of software from outside the Android Market.

Step 2: Obtain the JaCa-Android-Middleware.apk

You have to download the JaCa-Android-Middleware.apk in your device. You can do this, simply dowloading the .apk from this link, or copying the apk located in the Apk folder of the standard JaCa-Android distribution on your SD card.

Step 3: Install the apk

Use a file manager to locate the JaCa-Android-Middleware.apk on your phone and then start the installation. If you don’t have a file manager installed in your device you can download one from the Android market. (One of the best known is the ASTRO file Manager).

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