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I’m proud to announce that the new release of JaCa-Android is now available.

  • Dowload JaCa-Android 2.0 from here.
  • See here for the getting started guide.
  • Look here for the middleware installing instruction and here for its configuration.
  • Finally see the developer guide for starting building your own JaCa-Android applications.

We are currently working in the release of a new version of JaCa-Android. This new release will introduce a lot of new features so we decided to name it JaCa-Android 2.0. If you are experiencing strange issues these days such as pages that change, other pages that are disappearing, etc. don’t worry: we are currently working on the website and anything will became stable again as soon as we end the release process.

Stay tuned for not missing the upcoming release!

New beta release

With this beta we fix some bugs in the new CArtAgO 2.0 and we introduce a new set of android artifacts and the lipermi infrastructure that enable agent work with remote workspace through tcp/ip protocol.

JaCa-Android new releases

The JaCa-Android 1.0 alpha is now available. The new releases is based on the new CArtAgO 2.0 version and Jason 1.3.3. Get it.

New features than the previous version:

  • cartago.infrastructure.android allows agent work with remote workspace of different android application.

Work in progress

We are working continually on JaCa-Android and a lot of think has changed since the first beta release.
If you are interesting in, download full source project from Get Source

A new developing framework for programming intelligent agents are available for Google Android Platform.